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AJW Powder Soap Dispenser

Posted by MW on 8/1/2013 to Articles
AJW Powder Soap Dispenser

AJW is a leading manufacturer of washroom accessories. All the AJW products are manufactured in the state of the art manufacturing facilities. AJW ensures to deliver the superb customer service. AJW is proactively involved in understanding the requirements of its consumers and strives to deliver the most appropriate products. AJW designs the products in total integrity with the customer needs and therefore, every AJW product becomes a unanimous solution. AJW also is highly active in delivering complete washroom solutions for commercial as well as residential solutions. Our collection of over a thousand and six hundred AJW products is definitely apt to handle any and every requirement of a washroom.

AJW broadens the spectrum of customer service and hospitality by delivering splendid products. All these products are intuitively designed to meet the exceptional requirements of an elite washroom. AJW products become the benchmark of the perfection and productivity with its essential features. AJW delivers a superb range of powder soap dispensers. These dispensers are available in two attractive designs. Both the dispensers are a surface mount product and they become an appealing companion of your washroom. These AJW products are easy to refill and they come with simple and maintenance-free mechanism for seamless dispensing of powder soap. AJW is the one-stop shop for your needs. 

AJW U112 Powder Soap Dispenser
AJW U112 Powder Soap Dispenser
AJW U112 powder soap dispenser is a superb creation meeting exceptional performance expectations of customers. This AJW product is a vertical soap dispenser designed to dispense soap powder. The entire dispenser structure is made from stainless steel. AJW offers completely tamperproof installation adding safety to the product. The dispenser comes with the controlled dispensing mechanism to restrict wastages and excessive dispensing. AJW offers surface installation using a concealed wall-mounting bracket. The dispenser comes in attractive size of 4-13/16"W x 8-1/8"H x 3-11/16"D. AJW uses a stainless steel spring loaded agitator to regulate the powder soap quantity. The dispenser has a capacity of 32 Oz storage and dispensing of powder soap. 

AJW U115 Powder Soap Dispenser
AJW U115 Powder Soap Dispenser
AJW U115 is an attractive powder soap dispenser with 32 Oz capacity. This exquisite AJW product fits on flat surfaces using a steel wall plate. The container of the dispenser is accessible for refilling using a specially provided key. AJW manufactures the dispenser with 22-gauge stainless steel. The dispenser has a stainless steel spring loaded push arm for smooth dispensing of powder soap. The dispensed soap quantity is pre-measured to avoid wastages. AJW offers moisture resistance to prevent the caking of soap powder. The dispenser is available in 4-1/2"W x 7-1/8"H x 4-5/8"D size. AJW offers a large filler cap for easier refilling and maintenance. This attractive dispenser has brushed satin surface finish. 

AJW powder soap dispensers are versatile products designed for heavy-duty use. These dispensers come with the mechanical dispensing and they become light on operational expenses, as they do not need a power supply. AJW offers these durable dispensers in surface mounting option and the installation of these dispensers become intuitive and innovative. AJW distinctly offers tighter integration of the technology and the aesthetic appeal to simplify daily chores.
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