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Jacknob Toilet Partition Hinges

Posted by MW on 3/1/2013 to Articles
Jacknob Toilet Partition Hinges

Hinges play a pivotal role in successful operation for partition doors. These hinges are often a member of the load bearing structure. Additionally, perfectly balanced and high-quality hinges reduce the load of operations and contribute wholesomely towards the smooth functioning of the door for years. The hinges required for toilet partitions are different from the regular hinges what we use for doors. Procurement of quality hinges is essential for long lasting results.

Jacknob the global leader in toilet partition hardware and accessories offers premium solutions for all the needs. With Jacknob products, the life and durability of toilet partition increase distinctly. Top quality hinges from Jacknob are available with us. You can choose them from a wide variety of design, function, handing, and installation mode. We are happy to serve the most efficient hinges to add a star value to your project.

Jacknob 7043 Hinge
Jacknob 7043 Hinge
Jacknob 7043
Jacknob 7043 hinge is made from cold rolled stainless steel and offer good strength and durability. These hinges are available for left hand in swing and right hand out swing door. Therefore, you need to confirm door handing and door swing before placing the order. This is a surface mounted hinge.

Jacknob 7012 Hinge
Jacknob 7012 Hinge
Jacknob 7012
7012 Hinge from Jacknob is dressed in polished brass with a golden sparkle. This finish is suitable for all demanding projects. These hinges help you to maintain the class. These hinges are available in a combination for right hand in swing door and for left hand out swing doors.


Jacknob 7978 Hinge Wrap
Jacknob 7978 Hinge Wrap
Jacknob 7978
Jacknob 7978 hinge is a unique product designed by the creative minds of Jacknob. This hinge actually holds the door panel within its arms and screws offer the tight fitment. These hinges with a clear anodized aluminum finish are available for right hand in swing and left hand out swing doors.

Jacknob 7799 Piano Hinge Cam
Jacknob 7799 Piano Hinge Cam
Jacknob 7799
Piano hinge is one of the most popular types of hinges and Jacknob has made it available with 7799 hinge. This hinge has a cam of 57-1/2" and 20 degrees. The entire hinge is made from top quality stainless steel and this offers unimaginable durability.

Jacknob 7803 Pivot Hinge Set
Jacknob 7803 Pivot Hinge Set
Jacknob 7803
Pivot hinges are another means of a popular management of doors. Jacknob 7803 is a top-notch pivot hinge and offer to be a rugged and reliable solution for toilet partitions. This two-piece hinge serves for years without any maintenance. This high-quality stainless steel hinge is suitable for 1/2" door and post.

Jacknob 7719 Locker Hinge
Jacknob 7719 Locker Hinge
Jacknob 7719
Jacknob understands special customer requirements. Therefore, it has brought Jacknob 7719 locker hinges. These special hinges are made from best quality stainless steel. Locker hinges are suitable for all unmonitored locations. Jacknob always delivers the right product for the right requirement. 

Partition hinges are important in the entire architecture of toilet partitions. With the intuitive selection of right product, facility owners can stay away from many hassles. Here at MyWashroom we have complete listings of toilet partition accessories and all of the Jacknob products. With over two thousand products in a platter, we are ready to serve you with top-notch solutions at a reasonable price. 

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